Friday, October 9, 2015

Page-turner to the rescue

Page-turners, the folks who sit on the pianist’s left and try to stay minimally visible during recitals, occasionally are called upon to do more than turn pages and not get in the pianist’s way.

On very rare occasions, they have to do a lot more.

Here’s a spectacular example of page-turner heroics, from a recent recital in Bremen by violinist Christian Tetzlaff and pianist Lars Vogt, when Anna Reszniak nimbly retrieved and reordered scores that went airborne during an encore, Brahms’ scherzo from the “F.A.E. Sonata:”

“The wonderful Anna Reszniak,” as Vogt hails her in his YouTube posting, is concertmaster of the Nürnberg Symphony Orchestra – and now, no doubt, the page-turner all performers wish they had.