Friday, September 2, 2011

2011-12 season overview

Time once again to post an overview of the coming classical-music season in Richmond and environs. Some groups and presenters have yet to announce their offerings; when they do, I’ll add their events to an already lengthy list.

There are some conflicting dates (notably between the Richmond Symphony and the Rennolds Chamber Concerts at Virginia Commonwealth University), and clusterings of events on weekends, which have become the norm in the performing arts, here and elsewhere.

Only dates, locations and artists are listed here. Programming and ticket details can be found in the monthly calendars, in season announcements previously posted, and on the websites of organizations and presenters at the end of this list.

Sept. 5 (Rockett’s Landing) – Richmond Symphony.
Sept. 11 (Henricus Historical Park) – Richmond Symphony 9/11 memorial concert.
Sept. 13-15 (UR Modlin Center) – “Rappahannock County.”
Sept. 16/18 (Steward School) – Lyric Opera Virginia: “La Traviata.”
Sept. 17 (VCU Singleton Center) – Vladimir Feltsman (piano).
Sept. 17-18 (Richmond CenterStage) – Richmond Symphony/Steven Smith/Elena Urioste (violin).
Sept. 18 (VCU Singleton Center) – Tim Olbrych (guitar) & Judy Olbrych (soprano).
Sept. 19 (River Road Presbyterian Church) – Larry Schipull (organ).
Sept. 25 (Randolph-Macon College) – Richmond Symphony/Erin R. Freeman/Richmond Symphony Chamber Chorus.
Sept. 26 (VCU Singleton Center) – Atlantic Chamber Ensemble.
Sept. 27 (VCU Singleton Center) – Russell Wilson (piano).
Sept. 29 (VCU Singleton Center) – Ayman Fanous (guitar & bouzouki), Matt Maneri (violin & viola) & Lori Freedman (clarinet & bass clarinet).
Oct. 1 (Richmond CenterStage) – Richmond Symphony Pops/Erin R. Freeman (“Casablanca”).
Oct. 1 (VCU Singleton Center) – Quux Collective.
Oct. 1 (VCU Singleton Center) – Tabatha Easley (flute).
Oct. 3 (UR Modlin Center) – Christopher O’Riley (piano)/Matt Haimovitz (cello).
Oct. 5 (UR Modlin Center) – eighth blackbird.
Oct. 8 (VCU Singleton Center) – Brooklyn Rider Quartet.
Oct. 9 (VCU Singleton Center) – Sonia Vlahcevic (piano).
Oct. 14-16 (First English Lutheran Church) – Alexander Paley Music Festival.
Oct. 15-16 (Richmond CenterStage) – Richmond Symphony/Steven Smith/Carter Brey (cello).
Oct. 17 (UR Modlin Center) – UR Music Department Liszt Bicentennial Gala.
Oct. 21/23 (Richmond CenterStage) – Virginia Opera: “Aïda.”
Oct. 23 (Randolph-Macon College) – Richmond Symphony/Steven Smith/Robert Johnson (French horn).

Oct. 23 (VCU Singleton Center) – Richmond Philharmonic/Robert Mirakian/Michael Sheppard (piano).
Oct. 25 (St. Christopher's School) – Oberon Quartet/Kimberly Sparr (viola)/Ryan Lannan (cello).
Oct. 29 (Richmond CenterStage) – Richmond Symphony LolliPops/Erin R. Freeman (“Mozart’s Magnificent Voyage”).
Nov. 1 (St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church) – Nathan Laube (organ).
Nov. 4 (Richmond CenterStage) – Richmond Symphony, Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra & Youth Concert Orchestra (“Side by Side” concert).
Nov. 4-5 (UR Modlin Center) – Third Practice Electroacoustic Music Festival.
Nov. 5 (VCU Singleton Center) – Fry Street Quartet/Robert McDonald (piano).
Nov. 6 (VCU Siegel Center) – Richmond Symphony & community musicians (“Come and Play” concert). 
Nov. 12-13 (Richmond CenterStage) – Richmond Symphony/Steven Smith/Anton Nel (piano)/Richmond Symphony Chorus.
Nov. 13 (Bon Air Presbyterian Church) – Marjorie Wharton (soprano) & Russell Wilson (piano).
Nov. 14 (UR Modlin Center) – Takács Quartet.
Nov. 19-20 (VCU Singleton Center) – VCU Opera: scenes from operas.
Nov. 19 (River Road Church, Baptist), Nov. 20 (Holy Comforter Episcopal Church) – James River Singers.
Nov. 25/27 (Richmond CenterStage) – Virginia Opera: “Hansel and Gretel.”
Dec. 3-4 (Richmond CenterStage) – Richmond Symphony Pops/Erin R. Freeman/Richmond Symphony Chorus (“Let It Snow!”).
Dec. 4 (UR Cannon Memorial Chapel) – UR Christmas Candlelight Service.

Dec. 5 (James Center Atrium) – Richmond Philharmonic/Robert Mirakian (“Home for the Holidays”).
Dec. 9 (VCU Singleton Center) – VCU Music Department Holiday Gala.
Dec. 10 (Richmond CenterStage) – Richmond Symphony/Erin R. Freeman/soloists TBA/Richmond Symphony Chorus (“Messiah”).
Dec. 11 (Bon Air Presbyterian Church) – “Messiah” sing-along.
Dec. 14 (UR Modlin Center) – Stile Antico vocal ensemble.
Jan. 14-15 (Richmond CenterStage) – Richmond Symphony/Steven Smith/Jason Vieaux (guitar).
Jan. 18 (UR Modlin Center) – Garrick Ohlsson (piano).
Jan. 20/22 (Landmark Theater) – Lyric Opera Virginia: “The King and I.”
Jan. 21 (VCU Singleton Center) – Ensemble Appassionata/Daniel Myssyk/Richard Raymond (piano).
Jan. 21 (Richmond CenterStage) – Richmond Symphony Pops/Erin R. Freeman/Patti Austin (vocalist).
Jan. 28 (Richmond CenterStage) – Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra program (50th anniversary concert).
Jan. 29 (Randolph-Macon College) – Richmond Symphony/Steven Smith/Mary Boodell (flute)/Shawn Welk (oboe)/Rolla Durham (trumpet).
Jan. 29 (VCU Singleton Center) – Richmond Guitar Quartet.
Jan. 30 (UR Modlin Center) – Lisa Terry (viola da gamba)/Joanne Kong (harpsichord).
Feb. 4-5 (Richmond CenterStage) – Richmond Symphony/Danail Rachev/Katherine Chi (piano).
Feb. 5 (UR Modlin Center) – Richard Becker (piano).
Feb. 15 (UR Modlin Center) – Shanghai Quartet/Stephen Prutsman (piano-composer).
Feb. 17/19 (Richmond CenterStage) – Virginia Opera: “Orphée.”
Feb. 21 (St. Catherine's School) – Oberon Quartet/Shawn Welk (oboe).
Feb. 25-26 (Richmond CenterStage) – Richmond Symphony/Steven Smith/Richmond Symphony Chorus.
March 3 (Richmond CenterStage) – Richmond Symphony LolliPops/Erin R. Freeman/Sara Valentine & Michael Boudewyns (actors) (“Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra”).
March 11 (Bon Air Presbyterian Church) – Richmond Symphony Youth Camerata Strings.

March 11 (VCU Singleton Center) – Richmond Philharmonic/Robert Mirakian/Molly Sharp (viola).
March 14 (UR Modlin Center) – eighth blackbird.
March 16 (UR Cannon Memorial Chapel) – Boyd Jones (organ).
March 22 (UR Modlin Center) – Leslie Tung (fortepiano).
March 25 (UR Modlin Center) – Richard Becker & Doris Wylee-Becker (pianos).
March 30-April 1 (Richmond CenterStage) – Virginia Opera: “The Mikado.”
April 14 (VCU Singleton Center) – Trio Solisti.
April 14-15 (Richmond CenterStage) – Richmond Symphony/Steven Smith/Brendon Elliott (violin).
April 15 (Bon Air Presbyterian Church) – Steve Henley (organ).
April 17 (Richmond CenterStage) – Australian Chamber Orchestra/Dawn Upshaw (soprano).
April 21 (Richmond CenterStage) – Richmond Symphony LolliPops/Erin R. Freeman/Grey Seal Puppets (“Emperor’s New Clothes”).
April 21 (Richmond CenterStage) – Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra.
April 22 (Richmond CenterStage) – Richmond Symphony Youth Concert Orchestra, Camerata Strings & String Sinfonietta.
April 27-28 (Richmond CenterStage) – Richmond Symphony Pops/Steven Smith/Richmond Ballet (“Wild Wild West”).
May 5 (VCU Singleton Center) – Emerson String Quartet.
May 6 (Randolph-Macon College) – Richmond Symphony/Erin R. Freeman/narrator & actors TBA (“The Soldier’s Tale”).

May 6 (VCU Singleton Center) – Richmond Philharmonic/Robert Mirakian/Mary Bowden (trumpet).
May 12-13 (Richmond CenterStage) – Richmond Symphony/Steven Smith.
May 19/20 (Steward School) – Lyric Opera Virginia: “Carmen” (abridged).
June 2 (Pocahontas State Park) – Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra Program.

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