Tuesday, July 14, 2009

N.C. Symphony cuts season, salaries

The North Carolina Symphony, which ended the season $4 million in debt, has cut its musicians' contracted working year from 43 to 37 weeks plus one week of unpaid furlough, which will reduce players' incomes by 17 percent in the coming season.

Grant Llewellyn, the orchestra's music director, will take a 10 percent salary cut, and its president and CEO, David Chambliss Worters, will take a 30 percent salary cut. The orchestra already had canceled engagements of some guest soloists and conductors, reduced its concert and touring schedule and eliminated programming requiring extra musicians.

The orchestra's operating budget is being cut from $14.1 million in 2008-09 to $11.9 million in 2009-10, Rob Christensen reports in The News & Observer of Raleigh: